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Carpet Cleaning

With over 50 years of expertise behind us. We offer a range of eco-friendly cleaning services that will extend the life of your carpets and protect you and your family from harmful mould and bacteria growth 

So, why choose a professional clean?

The last thing we want to do is add another responsibility to the to do list of life. However, there are hidden dangers to neglecting cleaning that are worth knowing to keep your family and pets out of harms way.
Don't worry though, there are plenty of cost effective benefits to preventative carpet care.

  • Regular cleaning can extend the life of your carpet by 5+ years! 
    It’s no surprise to hear that just like servicing a car, servicing your carpets will extend their life cycle.  A deep dry clean removes soil building up to prevent it being permanently trodden in over time

  • Professional cleaning equipment far exceeds the cleaning ability of domestic vacuums.
    So​rry Dyson, your vac is good but it's the truth

  • Carpets can hold up to 4000x more bacteria than a toilet (per inch)
    You read that correctly and we wish it wasn’t true either. If allowed to build up, skin, hair, food, dirty shoes and spillages all provide bacteria with plenty to thrive on beneath your feet.
    The worst bacteria & moulds can survive for months, prolonging a repeating cycle of illness.

  • Makes your carpet look and feel brand new again for a fraction of the price


Which Service is Right for Me?


Dry Clean


Probably better described as a damp clean. This method involves using a large extraction machine fitted with two rotating brushes to dig out all the dirt at the bottom of the carpet pile. 
A pre-treatment spray is then used to loosen the stubborn soil that remains within the carpet.
We then repeat the process again but with a dusting of organic granules. These work as both a sponge and an exfoliator.
Finally we complete the process with a final extraction, removing all loose dirt and granules.


  • Fast and deep cleaning

  • Safe to use on all types of carpet

  • Quick Drying

  • Most cost effective

  • Natural & Environmentally friendly

  • Best for pet owners   

  • Less practical on stairs and tight spaces


Wet Clean


Wet cleaning carpet uses a mixture of chemicals and water to rinse stains out of carpets. The room is first vacuumed to remove any loose dust & dirt.
The chemical solution is then sprayed into the carpet and immediately removed using a wet extraction machine. The aim being to leave as little moisture within the carpet as possible.


  • Thorough cleaning option for heavily soiled carpets or areas where grease/oils are particularly prominent.

  • Best option for stairs and tight spaces. 


  • Extended drying time necessary

  • Most expensive

  • Usage of chemicals (disposal, environment & pet considerations)

  • Will activate 'wet dog' smell in pet homes

  • Risk of carpet shrinkage

  • Less suitable for use on wool and some other carpet types

  • Potential for stains to reappear gradually when dry


Here at Floors on Floors we recommend dry cleaning for most domestic houses and suggest wet cleaning for excessively dirty carpets or high footfall areas of commercial buildings.



From  £80



From  £120

Please note that cleaning of stairs & imovement of large furniture is charged extra where necessary.

  • 2 hr

    From £80 Per Room

  • 2 hr

    From £120 Per Room
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