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Home and Dry was set up by Lawrence Gonthier who in the 80's saw the potential benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning using a dry cleaning organic compound to deep clean carpets. Home and Dry is Green, Clean and Dry. It is a carpet cleaning service operated by Floors on Floors. 

Why Dry Carpet Cleaning? 

To put it simply, the dry extraction carpet cleaning system offers an unrivalled method of carpet cleaning without the need to add water and it is totally Bio Degradable making it Clean, Green and Dry. 

Dry carpet care is designed to eliminate many of the compromises associated with wet cleaning methods. There is no down time and carpet can be walked on during and immediately after cleaning. The carpet pile is lifted, deep cleaned and revived with greatly enhanced appearance. 

Did you know that 85% of the soil in your carpet is dry? This is why before we clean your carpet we vacuum the dust away with the twin rotating brushes of our machines to lift and remove dried in debris and embedded dust before we deep clean.


-No Sticky Residue left to attract fresh dirt 

- Carpets stay cleaner for longer and extends the life of your carpets 

-No shrinkage guaranteed 

- No colour running 

- Mould or mildew will never be a problem

Wet vs Dry

There are very few instances when the Water Extraction Method of wet cleaning is more effective than Dry Cleaning Methods. This could be when carpets are extremely greasy near areas such as outside a kitchen door and the grease marks may prove difficult for the organic particles to absorb. 


Eco-living and working is now regarded as the way we need to live to protect our environment. The health effects of toxic chemicals in cleaning products are becoming more and more widely known. Consumers are switching to companies that offer more sustainable cleaning solutions, like Home and Dry because we used products that are safe, more effective and better for the environment. Not forgetting that they are safe for children and pets. 

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