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Commercial Cleaning

All businesses today prioritise having a clean work space. At Floors on Floors we offer a cleaning service called Home and Dry. We can maintain your commercial carpets and flooring on a regular basis by offering a planned program of maintenance to care for your flooring.  

Your carpets and soft furnishes can last up to 3 times longer using the Dry Cleaning method saving your business money in replacements.

Like a demonstration?

No problem, for commercial cleaning we offer a no obligation demonstration on a small area to show you what we can do for you. Remember, Home and Dry cleaning is Green, Clean and Dry. 

Read more about our Home and Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning methods will not leave any sticky residues that can lead to more dirt build up meaning your flooring will last for longer periods of time between cleans. 

The absence of water means your floors will be ready to walk on straightaway leaving your business ready to go and your electronics safe. 


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